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Concrete Pumping

Our pumped concrete service is an ideal way of ensuring that our high quality concrete is delivered directly to your site or location with the minimum amount of mess and disruption. We understand that reliability and punctuality is vital in any successful commercial or domestic project, which is why we strive to be with you quickly, working professionally and efficiently, following your call to us.

We will deliver the concrete to your site in one of our trucks, whereupon we will use our concrete pumps to transport the concrete to the exact location it is needed at – no wheelbarrows required! Our pumps can deliver round corners, through narrow gaps and even up flights of stairs, so no matter what you need concrete for, we’re the people to provide it.

How to prepare for a concrete delivery
We only ask for a couple of things when providing our concrete pumping services: if possible, move any cars or vehicles out of the way that may obstruct the pump/pump truck and ensure that any pathways or access routes are unobstructed. If rain is anticipated before/during the project, cover the site where possible to prevent any water damage to fresh concrete – water can damage the mix and cause it to be much weaker than it should be.

We have of highly trained experts who make our team able to provide such quality products and our state of the art concrete mixing fleet gives you peace of mind.

If you are interested in our Concrete Pumps, get in touch today and discuss your requirements with our friendly expert team at KCG Concrete and Grab Hire.

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